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[1]    INSIDE WORSHIP WILL RESUME … beginning Sunday, January 31st for the 9:30 AM Service.  

Drive-up worship via radio broadcast FM 107.5 will continue to be available.     

 Your church council voted to open the church building for inside worship and activities utilizing the safety protocols set forth when the building was opened last time.

Please see these necessary protocols below.



[2]    The ANNUAL MEETING of Luck Lutheran church will be on Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 10:30 INSIDE THE CHURCH.    

Participation via radio, telephone, or on your computer will be offered.   Instructions for participating remotely will be forthcoming by email and by mailed letters to those who may not use a computer.  The official meeting will begin at 10:30.

Those attending the meeting via radio in their cars, will be able to hear and speak using portable microphones curbside.     Those listening with a phone will also be able to participate.   In keeping with our constitution, all members will be able to hearspeak and vote at the meeting one way or another.  


Worship Service Information


New  Service Safety Protocols:
Please do not worship in the sanctuary if …
  • You are ill in any way,
  • You have been recently exposed to others with Covid,
  • You are quarantining due to Covid risks, 

1. Starting January 31, worshippers will enter and leave via the main doors.
2. Upon entering, worshippers will perform hand hygiene via the touchless hand sanitizer stand. Bring a pocket-sized bottle of sanitizer in the event you need to sanitize during the service, for example, after blowing your nose.
3. Masks are required. A supply of masks will be available. Those choosing not to wear a mask will be invited to worship in their car.
4. Worshippers are to check in with name and phone number. (In the event there is an identified outbreak associated with a worshipper on a given Sunday, we will have a record for contact tracing.)
5. Ushers will be utilized to control physical distancing of worshippers, with barriers as needed.  Worshippers may only be in the sanctuary or marked areas in entry/narthex.   Bathrooms are for “emergency” use only.
6. Paper bulletins are available, but it is preferred that inside worshippers follow along on screens in the front of the
7. During worship, all prayers/responses are to be done silently. (This reduces the amount of respiratory droplets in the air of the sanctuary. Masks are important, but not perfect!)
8. Windows will be open slightly to allow increased ventilation. Keep your coat on and bundle up!  It will be cold at church this winter. (Good ventilation is an important factor in decreasing the spread of the virus in group settings.)
9. At the end of the service, you will be dismissed by ushers, pew by pew.  Please stay seated until you are dismissed. You will exit via the main doors.
10. For at least the late fall/winter months, Holy Communion will be offered on the 1st Sunday of the month only. Those worshipping in their cars will need to bring their own elements.  Communion will continue to be offered as you exit the church.  Remove your mask once outside and take communion then.  Do your best not to block the exit of other worshippers.
11. Consider mailing your weekly offering, or setting up electronic contributions, especially if you are choosing in-car
worship.  Once the inevitable snow and ice start happening, everything gets more difficult and potentially hazardous.




Sunday, January 24, 2021 … 3rd Sunday of Epiphany

Sunday, January 17, 2021 …  2nd Sunday of Epiphany

Sunday January 10th, 2021  …  Baptism of Our Lord

Sunday January 3rd, 2021 … Christmas Epiphany … Remembering the Wise Men.




Christmas Week Messages and Videos


Christmas Eve Service

Joy to the World, the Lord has come. 

Let earth receive her king; let every heart prepare him room;

and Heaven and Nature Sing !


May you be Filled

with the Peace of the Christ Child.

“One Strange Night;  One Strange Year … Still the World Rejoices. “


→Click on this Link for the Christmas Eve Service Bulletin

Christmas Video Service

A Special Monday Video Service,    December 21st.  The Winter Solstice.

On the day of the solstice, the darkest day of the year, please watch Pastor Greg’s  video service and message.   Not everyone experiences the Joy of Christmas.    Some can feel left in the darkness.   This service is to remember that even in dark days, God’s Presence is Always with Us.  Watch for the video on Monday the 21st.

Continue to share Your Kindness Pandemic with all those you care for and love this Holiday Season.

What does that mean?  Just like this nasty virus can spread and cause disruption and disease, we can spread positivity, friendship and kindness.




Advent Season, started Sunday November 29th.   

We give thanks and begin a New Church Year.

All Advent Videos are now on the VIDEO-MESSAGES page of this website, by date in Advent.



Narthex Project Update January 10th:

  • A Lot has happened through the extraordinary efforts of volunteers.
  • We are essentially done with the project !!     
  • We are ordering furniture soon.
  • All rooms in the church have been cleaned.
  • Have a Look at your New Narthex !!




  • Find videos from previous weeks,  on the “VIDEO MESSAGES” page of this web site.
  • Be sure to check out the “NEWS & SPECIAL MESSAGES” page of this web site for additional church news and information.
  • Monthly newsletters are posted on the “NEWSLETTERS AND BULLETIN” page.
  • Pray everyday at noon.  Stay connected.  Reach out to others.  HOPE!!!   Please reach out and help all members of our church family and those in need … and pray daily for everyone.

     Christ walks with us,    Pastor Greg.

GENEROSITY QUOTE for the week:  

 “ You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father’s face and tell him you have received his Christmas gift. ”










Pastor Greg Ofsdahl has blessed Luck Lutheran Church with his enormous gifts for 2 years now.  We are ever thankful and grateful for his service to our church and our community, and he has certainly become a friend to all.  Thank You Pastor Greg !




Confirmation … An Affirmation of Their Baptism.


See previous videos on the VIDEO MESSAGES page of this website.


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