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Together … Safely

 Inside services are now happening each Sunday at 9:30 AM.  Or you may listen on radio station FM 107.5.
See Important Safety Information below.




Pastor Greg Ofsdahl has blessed Luck Lutheran Church with his enormous gifts for 2 years now.  We are ever thankful and grateful for his service to our church and our community, and he has certainly become a friend to all.  Thank You Pastor Greg !


Beginning Sunday, October 11h, Luck Lutheran embarked on our 8 week journey focusing on God’s generosity and kindness across the generations and our called response to it. 
Our Generosity Team’s chosen theme for this year is “Joyfully Generous;    Generosity  …. a Lifestyle of Loving and Giving.”  
Scroll down on this page for each  Sunday’s  Joyfully Generous Worship Service [a PDF File], and  a generosity video from all generations across NW Wisconsin.

Important Information about church services :

*INSIDE WORSHIP EVERY SUNDAY.   The  Luck Lutheran Church Council, as of October 18th,  has modified the guidelines for attending in person services.
Please note the following information and safety precautions.      
  1. Service time will remain at 9:30 a.m.    The radio broadcast will continue indefinitely for those who continue to want to drive up and not enter the building. 
  2. Everyone will now enter the church through the main entrance door, beginning at 9:20 AM.  Please maintain 6 foot distances. 
  3. Masks will be mandatory.  Everyone is asked to use the hand sanitizer station as you enter, and bring  your own bottle as well. 
  4. During worship, all prayers/responses are to be done silently.   (This reduces the amount of respiratory droplets in the air of the  sanctuary. Masks are important, but not perfect!)
  5. The council asks that you stay in your car for the service if you choose not to wear a mask, or are ill or at high risk for transmitting the Covid virus … such as recent contact with someone sick with Covid 19.
  6. The Pews will be marked off to maintain social distancing.  Windows may be left open so please bring your coat. 
  7. Communion will only be the 1st Sunday of each month, and only inside … nothing distributed to those in their cars. 


Confirmation Sunday,  September 27,     9:30 AM Service
Please Welcome our newest confirmands.  They affirmed their baptism today !
Stella,  Anders,  Raegan,  Adelle,  Savannah

Narthex Project Update October 1st :

  • A Lot has happened through the extraordinary efforts of volunteers.
  • The ceiling is done … all “mudded” and painted.
  • The walls are primed and ready for painting Monday October 23rd.
  • The new flooring will be installed late November.
  • Call Brian [612] 968-3064 or Steve [715] 557-0117 to volunteer. 
  • EVERY room in the church will need to be cleaned soon.  Please volunteer.
  • See the “Before” & “During” photos … Not the “After” just yet.



Hard at Work … A lot is happening.

  • Look for a video message from Pastor Greg  every week.
  • Find videos from previous weeks,  on the “VIDEO MESSAGES” page of this web site.
  • Be sure to check out the “NEWS & SPECIAL MESSAGES” page of this web site for additional church news and information.
  • Monthly newsletters are posted on the “NEWSLETTERS AND BULLETIN” page.
  • Pray everyday at noon.  Stay connected.  Reach out to others.  HOPE!!!   Please reach out and help all members of our church family and those in need … and pray daily for everyone.

     Christ walks with us,    Pastor Greg.

Generosity quote for the week: 

 “If you can live with less of what you have, you can be more of who you are.”





Sunday October 25, 2020



Sunday October 18, 2020
  • Week 3 “Joyfully Generous … a Lifestyle of Loving and Giving.”
  • Worship Service Bulletin,  [click on the link] … Joyfully_Generous_Week_3_2020_

Sunday October 11th




Sunday October 4th
  • Week One … focusing on God’s Generosity & Kindness.
  • Joyfully Generous Worship Service Bulletin ….  Joyfully_Generous_Week_1_2020
  • Our Theme … Generosity … A Lifestyle of Loving and Giving.


17th Sunday after Pentecost
Confirmation … An Affirmation of Their Baptism.


See previous videos on the VIDEO MESSAGES page of this website.


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