Please Welcome

Pastor Mary Ann Bowman and Pastor Maggie Isaacson

to Luck Lutheran Church.  Both of these gifted pastors have deep roots to western Wisconsin and will be co-serving as interim pastors for our church. 


Pastor Mary Ann has previously served at Bone Lake Lutheran Church and Peace Lutheran in Pigeon Falls, WI. 

Pastor Maggie has served at North Valley and Milltown churches, as well at Concordia Lutheran in Superior, WI. 

Together, they have a wealth of experience … from global ministries to local jail ministries.  Their experiences and talents will be so appreciated through our  interim transition from the service of Pastor Greg.



Pastor Greg Ofsdahl has accepted a new call at Peace Lutheran in Pigeon Falls, WI.


Paula Hischer





Church Council     (Term Expires)

Kelly Steen, President & Property    715-566-1747
Lori Vilstrup, Treasurer & Generosity    715-566-0794
Lisa Anderson, Worship     715-554-1689
Sonja Jensen, Vice President & Generosity     715-566-2660
Marcy Plomski, Worship       715-554-3753
Bruce Rowe, Evangelism/Outreach      715-566-0027


Quinn Stone, OFJ/Education    760-573-3614


Janet Holdt, Organist
Margie Nelson, Organist

Jennifer Werner, Accompanist
Mark Nelson, Choir Director

Barb Sparish, Chimes Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Brianna  Stone