Sunday’s 9:30  INSIDE services will not be held through December 31st.   

You may listen on radio station FM 107.5 in your car.

See Important Details Below.

Out of abundance of caution Pastor Greg, and the church council,  have decided to suspend inside church services through the end of the year.  
Covid positive cases have increased dramatically in Polk County the last 10 days. Twin Cities Hospitals are filling up and some are refusing admissions from out of state.  Some local businesses are suspending inside service.   Using a risk assessment tool … if 50 people were to meet in one place in Polk County, there is a 96% chance someone would test positive for Covid.
Meeting for inside services increases the chance of community spread of the Covid virus, not only for our members, but for others they may contact later that week.  If we wear masks, socially distance, and avoid larger gatherings, we do it for our own health and for our neighbor’s health.   Jesus tells us to love your neighbor.
 In these difficult times we need “church” more than ever.   We need each other more than ever.  We want to gather more than ever … but we need to be safe more than ever, too.
The church council will continually meet and discuss the future of inside services, but for the next 2 weeks, services will Not be inside the sanctuary, only via car radio.  Please pass this message to others ASAP, and strive to live a lifestyle of loving and giving in these difficult times.
No Inside Sunday Services for Now.