As of September 20, 2020
The Luck Lutheran Church Council decided at their September 20th regular monthly meeting to open the church building for worship (with restrictions) on Sunday, October 11th.   Service time will remain at 9:30 a.m.    The radio broadcast will continue indefinitely for those who continue to want to drive up and not enter the building.    Please watch for more details on the safety measures that will be in place.    A  special committee will notify everyone of the safety recommendations, as we resume in-person services on October 11th. 
Our safety precautions are based on two pillars:
  1. Biblical truths, specifically and most importantly that Jesus taught us in Matthew 22 to “love our neighbor,” and part of this loving is keeping our neighbor safe.
  2. Scientific knowledge regarding the spread of Covid.  Dr Michael Osterholm, a leading infectious disease and pandemic expert from the University of Minnesota, explains transmission as being “all about the air”, meaning the  primary way this virus spreads is through breathing in the exhaled air of someone infected with the Covid 19 virus.  Surface transmission is possible, but less likely.  He feels that we need to learn to live with this virus safely, as no one knows the endpoint.
The following safety practices will be in place as we gather inside for Sunday worship as well as all other inside church activities.
  1. One inside service at 9:30 AM.   Members can enter the church through the east doors that directly enter the sanctuary beginning at 9:20 AM.  Worshippers will still have the option of joining us with the drive-up worship via use of our FM station or online worship. 
  2. Masks will be mandatory for all inside worshipers over the age of 3.  Cloth masks will be available to those that need one.  Anyone choosing not to wear a mask for any reason will be invited to worship in their car via our FM station.
  3. Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet to be maintained.  Pews will be marked to indicate safe social distancing and ushers will direct worshippers as needed.  Worshippers should plan to keep their coats with them, as windows will be open for increased ventilation.
  4. Bathrooms are for “emergency” use only.
Opening Church for Services October 11th.