Every Sunday morning at 9:30, we are going to have a drive up worship service on Foster Ave. in front of the church building;  and you can listen on your car radio.  Station 107.5. 

We will be using the “Hearts at Home” order of worship so please have that available on your phone, iPad, laptop, or print it out.  We will have some printed copies available right inside the doors to the church. 

Please invite your friends and neighbors, but please remember, we are still social distancing.  Only come in vehicles with those you live with.   

Pray everyday at noon.  Stay connected.  Reach out to others.  HOPE!!!

Generosity quote for the week:

“There is no exercise better than the heart reaching down and lifting people up.”

 Christ walks with us,

Pastor Greg

EVERY SUNDAY, for now. … A Car Worship Service … @ 9:30 AM.