Luck Lutheran Church Mission Statement

Luck Lutheran Church, following recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, the ELCA and common sense for safety, will not be holding worship services or other large group activities in the building for the near future.  Please continue to check for messages from us in your email, on Facebook and this website as things are changing in this situation daily.

During these particularly trying times, we have an opportunity like none other to come together and BE church.  We hold each other in prayer and offer our help and services.  Many from our church have already started a Facebook group that has spread beyond our members and community offering assistance of many kinds.  Instead of fear, focus on hope.  Instead of feeling helpless, reach out and help.  Christ walks with us.

We are calling on everyone who receives this message (share it with others too) to take a moment every day precisely at noon to stop and pray.  In this simple act, we are church together, even if not physically.  We promise to join you in this.  Christ walks with us.

LLC Worship services have been suspended due to COVID-19.